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COVID 19 Emergency Grant

This is in the form of a matched grant to a maximum of £250 to assist in anything Covid related.

It is intended as a quick method of obtaining funds and requires minimal details, unlike normal non-masonic grant requests and should be turned around in about 72 hours.

Please note this is restricted to one claim per lodge or chapter.


The Charity has recently been formed to replace the Provincial Grand Charity of the Freemasons of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, which had existed for the last 30 years.

  • The new CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) will continue the work of the old Provincial Grand Charity, having similar aims and objectives.
  • The FCYNER CIO invites Freemasons’ Lodges in the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings to apply for grants for local charities.
    As well as registered charities, other local charitable causes may also receive support.
    Please note that local charities cannot apply directly to FCYNER CIO, but only through a local Masonic Lodge.

Masonic centres within the Province, the Lodges that meet there, and a Provincial contact point are all the website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire North and East Ridings www.pgl-york.org.uk

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The Emergency Department can be a busy, frightening place for anyone that is ill or injured or even if you are just accompanying someone else.
I cannot stress how much we value the Teddy Bears. Teddy is not just a Teddy Bear; he is so much more.
He is a comfort to an anxious child, a friend to cuddle.
He is a reward for bravery, for sitting still and letting the Doctor examine you.
He is a demonstrator. For the nurse to show you on Teddy first before trying it on you.
He is a nurse’s best friend. Making their job a little easier. A little happier.
He is a distraction. He entertains you to the left whilst the nurse gives you a quick injection to your right.
He is a support to a patient with Dementia, a soft cosy friend to hold. A fidget tool to keep restless fingers busy and over active minds calm.
He is a gift. A gift of kindness for you to remember your visit at the Emergency Department. To make you feel less scared if you come again.
He is a trophy. Someone you can show to your friends at school when you tell them about your visit, and show off your wounds.
I see Teddy bring a smile to many faces every day and see the amazing job he does. He is a personal favourite of mine and here’s another reason why:
My personal testimony.
My son Alex was brought to the Emergency Department after a fall in the school playground. He landed head first on a picnic bench and had the largest bump I have ever witnessed on his forehead. I informed the Nurse Practitioner (Eve) that Alex had Autism and that he may not respond to questions very well, and could be reluctant to an examination. Eve said ‘not a problem’ and asked Alex his favourite colour, he quietly answered with my help. She went away and within minute returned with a blue bear. The child that was in pain, scared and anxious then beamed a smile. With that single act of kindness Eve had broken the communication barrier and she had gained his trust. Eve then used the bear to demonstrate to Alex how she was going to examine his head. He watched nervously and then Eve was allowed to touch his head. There was no fracture, a relief to us all!
We listened to the care advice and what worrying signs to look out for then we were discharged. Alex left the department in a little less pain, a little less anxious and having made two new friends; Eve and the bear, lovingly named Rooney. Rooney made our visit so much easier and can’t descried to you how much it helped Mum too!

I would like to thank you on behalf of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of the Emergency Department staff, and on behalf of the parents and children that benefit from this generous gift.
Acute & Emergency Medicine
Scarborough Hospital
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Many of the children not yet back at school live in a home with no internet or IT equipment to help them work remotely, the Masonic Charitable Foundation grant to Buttle UK will provide vital tech to children who need it, helping them carry on their education.
#FREEMASONS #freemasonsinancion United Grand Lodge of England
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15 hours ago
@TLC_Yorkshire @pgl_york @YorkTeachingNHS @JamesCookMTC @Masonic_Charity @YNERCommEngage The Emergency Department can be a busy, frightening place for anyone that is ill or injured or even if you are just accompanying someone else. I cannot stress how much we value the Teddy Bears. Teddy is not just a Teddy Bear; he is so much more.
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TLC – Teddies for Loving Care, donated to local hosital A&E Departments to comfort children


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